– Everything University taught me.

Aaaaaaand breathe! I have officially finished my degree, meaning I can get the old blog going again. I know I haven’t posted in absolutely ages but I can’t imagine anything making me feel worse when I had 19,000 words of academic stuff to write (plus the 10%!). Aside from that, I am now free to spend my days doing whatever the hell I wanna do until I have to leave york on the 26th June (CRYS). So, what better way to commemorate my time in york than a blog post about all the things university taught me and no, not all academic, the majority are more life lessons than anything else.

  1. Not everyone you meet is going to like you / is going to be a great person. This one seems fairly obvious, but as a girl who thinks everyone is bomb and treats people how I want to be treated, this wasn’t as obvious for me in frst year. Granted I probably shouldn’t always look for the best in people as some people just don’t have these admirable features. (Side note: I’ve also met the most incredible people in the world during my uni experience so let’s not forget them).
  2. If Jager is the question, yes is the answer. (Jager is never the answer).
  3. I can eat an impressive amount of food / pizza which is a skill I wish could be utilised.
  4. Money is really not your main priority at uni, with that said I do wish I’d saved up more in first year but that’s just life really. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of those nights out and I have memories and pictures to show for it.
  5. Working whilst doing a degree is bloody hard. Alternatively, I loved every minute of my most recent job and i’ll be so sad to leave it behind.
  6. Being organised is the best thing you can be at university. Not leaving things till the last minute has made my university experiences significantly less stressful than many people I know and I’m hoping to do the same next year. I am CERTAINLY not a person who deals with stress very well, so I will reduce it as much as possible.
  7. You will spend all of your money on food and alcohol. Period.
  8. Having faith in yourself is key and this is something I just haven’t done enough of recently. Like why shouldn’t my work be a 2:1? I’ve worked bloody hard on my essays for months so I deserve high grades.
  9. Following from my previous point, you are going to meet people who are stupidly smart and work best under pressure. Everyone learns and studies differently and if that’s how they perform best that is good for them. We all have our own educational vices and time does not neccesarily predict quality.
  10. The best thing about university is 100% the diversity and the people you meet. I’ve made some amazing friends and I have to say the highlight is all the different accents. The fact that i’ve befriended more scousers than yorkshire people also amuses me. Finally, the appreciation people have for geordies is rather fab, but no I haven’t met or seen cheryl cole ever. (Have met scotty T though #claimtofame).
  11. No good story starts with a salad and a glass of water, that’s for sure.
  12. Living with strangers was never going to be easy and the odd falling’s out with flat mates is inevitable. However, follow your head and know who you want in your life. This particularly applies to the future and I know who i’ll actually see/aim to see past my university experience.
  13. This is a super cringey awkward one but, if you like someone, and I mean really like them, just tell them. Being honest is the best way to come across and it will benefit you in the long run.
  14. Bed sheets and towels are the most rare thing to clean in the world, but everyone is together in this, which somehow makes me feel less gross.
  15. Gaining weight is okay, losing weight is okay. What’s not okay is letting this dictate the food you’re eating. If you want a bloody chocolate bar (mmmmm kinda bueno) then eat it!! Don’t force down the lettuce and pretend to enjoy it. (I feel when you have a boyfriend this makes it quite easy, he’s stuck with me now).
  16. Not joining any soceities is something I will always regret, alternatively it’s important to choose the right ones.
  17. No matter how many times an essay is proof read you will keep changing it, just force yourself to submit it and be free. (I say this after uploading my diss four times).

That was a brief look into the world of Stephanie so you’re all welcome, thanks so much for reading and hopefully there will be many more posts to come this summer!


– My Obsession

Every girl has their own obsessions, whether it’s online shopping, reading a book, going for cocktails, baking a cake etc. We all have our own little niche which keeps us sane and reminds us in times of struggle or stress that we can enjoy ourselves and take our minds off things! My own obsession is underwear and although my draws are bursting I felt I had to let you all know about an amazing company I recently discovered known as Adore Me. This alongside some of my other favourite websites has some amazing styles available and they come at a great price, checking the sleepwear section has became a regular occurrence for me. There’s nothing quite like an online shop, a hot chocolate and a big blanket in bed in the winter months.

Adore Me comes with a difference and offers a great deal ($19.95) for those new to the website (you’re welcome!!). At this time of the year, the weather is lousy and whilst you’re piling on the layers it’s nice to feel good underneath and make yourself feel better perhaps after an over indulge at christmas & new year. On the other hand, you may be attending the gym like a boss and putting your new years resolution first, therefore, what better way to celebrate than buying yourself some new underwear!


I also absolutely love Adore Me due to their outlook on body image – regularly sharing bodies of all shapes and sizes on their instagram page and supporting the ‘love your body’ approach. This is such an important message to get across especially with all the current pressures in the media and all these new makeup techniques to alter literally every part of you. The website offers you the option to fill in a quiz to find the perfect bra for you, which to me is a nice personal touch not offered by many other brands. Not to mention, you also get every 6th set for free! You heard it here, free underwear! My draws are bursting with underwear so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite styles and some of the amazing bra’s available at Adore Me too. I also thought i’d share with you some of my tips for keeping yourself sane during this drab weather we’re having here in Britain.


  1. Cosy Knits

Knitted thick jumpers are the only thing keeping me warm and cosy during this horrible weather and what better way to dress yourself after putting on some fab new underwear! Red is currently my favourite colour and my collection is growing like mad. I don’t know if it’s a subconcious valentines me & websites coaching me into the colour but regardless I am loving it! Nothing quite says check me out like red & with a little extra push up support you feel great about yourself in no time! Red says “I may have a bright red nose and watery eyeballs but underneath this gigantic jumper I am fire”. Or atleast I like to think so anyways.

2. Hot Chocolate & Home Baked Food

Everybody who knows me well enough, know that hot chocolate is my ultimate weakness and I can’t just walk past the Cafe Nerro at work with ease. My favourite hot chocolate at the moment is Whittard and working round the corner from one isn’t helping me! My favourite flavour is the rocky road, alongside the white hot chocolate which if you haven’t tried I can 100% reccommend. There is nothing better than cooking yourself a nice warming chilli or some spaghetti bolognese to enjoy your limited time of freedom from doing work. In my head, it makes me feel mega productive and is often the best way to keep my health up providing me with as much veg as I can get. Also, if you are lucky like me or just a pro baker yourself, you will regularly have occasional treats available. One of my flat mates regularly bakes and her brownies are insane, they certainly keep me going when i’m doing my reading or staring at my dissertation. Make sure you treat yourself, especially in times of stress or when you really deserve it. Nothing solves a problem like a brownie and a cup of tea!

3. Take a trip

Again, those who know me may have noticed I’ve been planning trips and going away recently. This is no reflection on York as I love the city and some of the amazing friends i’ve made here. However, sometimes it is nice to just go somewhere and get away! Especially, if it means spending time with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. My recent trip to Barcelona (blog post here) was so lovely and it was nice to spend a much needed longer time with family and friends as my time at home has been rather limited lately. Purely due to third year blues and tryna earn that much needed dolla $ $ $. I’m also going to Dublin on friday which I am crazy excited about! Not saying these holidays should of course happen weekly, but it’s nice for me to finally get away without worry or stresses. The key is planning your time and doing work on trains for maximum productivness & if not don’t worry, whatever you’re doing or trying to do, ask yourself is it more important? Can it wait? Go spend time with friends, laugh until you cry, cook each other food, see a nice film or go for a walk. Make the most of where you are and who you can spend time with. Oh & don’t forget to pack some amazing underwear, one of my favourite current trends is ‘underwear as nightwear’, i’ll show you what I mean!




I can totally see this Clora Bodysuit paired with some high rise skinny jeans, duster jacket and black wedges. If the photo here isn’t doing this amazing design justice, go read the many product reviews and see for yourself! With your first set at $19.95 (Around £16), this is way cheaper than the high street and much more convenient!



Wow, I really can write a bucket load about underwear, can you do a degree in this??

As always, thanks for reading, Stephanie X


– Barcelona!

I did that thing again where I didn’t post for ages despite the fact I literally bought my domain a few months ago, go me! I apologise i’ve just been super busy with Uni and trying to get my life together. In all seriousness I really want to get properly into blogging this year as I really enjoy it and it’s way more pleasurable than writing 5000 word essays (yikes). I recently submitted my first 5000 word essay, so i’m praying the quality was consistent and I get a half decent mark. Also finished my final university exam ever and it was statistics hurray! Unless i’ve failed of course then i’ll be doing it again, joys. However, on a more positive note i’m finally sitting down, relaxing and beginning to blog again. Something I was specifically keen to write about is my recent trip to Barcelona with my family! I had such a great trip, albeit too short. It was nice to get away from York for a while and just enjoy my time with family as my christmas overall was very short. This blog post is a short but sweet list of all the things I learnt whilst in Barcelona and I hope you enjoy!!

The first thing I learned (which I kinda knew already) is that my sister is the god damn most organised woman in the world. She had every second planned and I swear we saw Barcelona in 24 hours. The amount of walking we did was insane however it was nice to rest our feet for the occasional cocktail and tapas! Speaking of which, tapas in Barcelona can be found literally everywhere and it is the best. Calamari especially and my Chorizo was to die for, followed by a yummy meat paella which i’m determined to master after my recent knowledge of how easy risotto is to make and perfect. Not only that, if you do go to Barcelona I demand you try patatas bravas as they are delicious! Simple potatoes covered in sauce but they taste so good and aren’t too expensive either. Literally everything you can imagine was served with beer too (Estrella), but if you’re like me and can’t stand the stuff there are plenty of cocktail options or even better, Sangria!

Furthermore, when it comes to public transport, Barcelona is a whole different world. We couldn’t believe how fast and often the metro’s came and at on 1 euro a trip they were the most efficent i’ve experienced. At home we wait a good 20 minutes for a metro and they end up being cancelled due to ‘trouble on the tracks’ so this was a breathe of fresh air… However, similar to London, this makes people very impatient and increasingly rude. I didn’t appreciate people not letting you off first and also walking at you as if they couldn’t quite clearly see you were there. I’m not saying everyone was like this of course, but some people could certainly learn some manners. Either that or British people are just very VERY polite. The road’s are also absolutely insane, although I did in a way expect this as Amsterdam was pretty much the same. Red lights meant absolutely nothing to drivers and taxi’s alike, if anything they were just more likely to rev their engines to get you out of their way, also the speed limit’s were generally 100/120, insane!! One similarity that did make me laugh however was in the shopping mall – no matter what country you are in or what language a man speaks, they all have the exact same facial expression when forced into primark or victoria secret.

Aside from the crazy roads there are alot of things Britain could learn from Barcelona. In particular, I found it amazing how accomodating the people were, in the sense that half of the people could speak good english and practiced it actively amongst the restaurants to draw in tourists. Personally, I barely know a word in Spanish so I found it very impressive and probably a useful skill to have. Finally, the architecture was also incredible as you can see in these photo’s i’ve published. Some of the buildings were so pretty and well designed, of course the Sagrada Familia was a particular treat to see, followed by the random shops on the Ramblas. Particular highlights of my trip were visiting the Ice Bar and the Beach and whilst it wasn’t particularly hot I did enjoy having the sun on my face and being able to wander round somewhere new.

Have you visited Barcelona? What was your favourite meal out there?

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend everyone!

Stephanie x


– Life Juggling.

Apologies that I haven’t posted in such a long time. Third year is proving to be much more difficult that initially anticipated and the work seems never-ending. So far, my Christmas is going to be revising for two tests, one exam and writing a 5000 word essay. Amongst that, I need to somehow start my dissertation literature review which already everybody on my course seems so clued up on and I just don’t have a clue, the same goes for my stats exam. Furthermore, because I choose to make life very difficult for myself I’m applying for teaching and doing two jobs whilst attempting to get a degree. I can’t complain as I do love both my jobs but there certainly comes a time when the stress overrides you and it seems like everything is happening all at once. Hence why this blog post is proving very easy to type, there is so much going on in my life.

Amongst this I’m trying my utmost to keep in contact with friends and attend social gatherings to stop myself becoming a recluse which is proving to make me very unproductive. It also hit me how little I’ve been using my blog since I actually got all excited and bought the domain so that needs to end. I therefore thought it best to publish a list. This list entails all the things you should remember to do whilst you have a heavy workload and its stressing you out a bit, so in no particular order, here it goes.

  1. Try to keep a tidy lifestyle – I tend to use mess as an excuse not to do work as I feel the need to tidy – however I’m creating this mess for myself everyday. Taking the two extra minutes to put something away really saves you in the long haul. Spending a full day tidying your room is only going to increase the guilt of not using your time wisely. Tidy room = Tidy mind.
  2. Eat well – one of my biggest pains is either forgetting to eat at a reasonable time or having weird food combinations as I refuse to go to the shop if I think I have a lot of work to do. This isn’t great for your wellbeing or your mind-set, eating well, especially around exams and other stressful times is important as it provides you with the energy to excel / not fall asleep in the library. Plan meals if you have too and ensure you designate your own little lunch time to relax and maybe catch up on some television.
  3. TREAT YOURSELF – this goes alongside the food and is probably my motto a little too often. Snacking and feeling content is so important if you’re stressed and with revision there is no better excuse to get yourself that pizza or a box of brownies.
  4. Gym // outdoors – This is the best way to clear your head and relax a little without having the overwhelming urge that you aren’t being as productive as you should be. Plus, if you’re feeling better about yourself you are more likely to put your best foot forward and be reasonable about the level of work you actually need to do.
  5. Designate hours of the day to social time – If you have worked all day (especially on weekends) its important to ensure you’re having interactions with people. There is nothing worse than feeling lonely or that you have to make awkward conversation with somebody you’ve ignored for months. Spend time with friends, even if it’s once a week and make sure you don’t coop yourself up in your room and miss out on flat mate chats.
  6. Remind yourself that it will get better and life goes on – regardless of your situation it’s not the end of the world and reminding yourself that you’re here for a reason is very important. Don’t get me wrong I am a majorly self doubting person and my friends could tell you that, I don’t particularly have confidence in my writing and sometimes this comes across in unreasonable levels. However, if you couldn’t get the grades you wouldn’t be here. Also avoiding the work is no use as you know it’s getting done one way or another and planning ahead is much more beneficial and less emotional than dropping it on yourself last minute.

Believe in yourself and you will make it happen!!


 (Side note: this was banged together whilst sleep deprived and doing a lot of work, apologies if it’s not the easiest read!)
((PS. I feel this blog post is missing the positive side of my life. I’ve been offered a place at my top choice university for next year to study a PGCE. My friends/family/boyfriend remain supportive and amazing and my flat mates are the best))


boohoo · Brand Ambassador

We are the Young – Velvet Edition

Hello readers! What better way to promote the ‘We are the Young’ Boohoo campaign than with a serious throwback – the one and only velvet!

You may have noticed one of the latest current trends is crushed velvet and it’s literally everywhere. This is not just for Halloween either, it is becoming a statement daywear piece. You may also be aware that boohoo recently posted their latest advert on Facebook, the theme is being young and not quite ready for adulting just yet. Which, as a third year at university I can certainly relate to, and I’d like to think this is well reflected in my fashion sense. As a child, Velvet was a big contributor to my everyday wardrobe from t-shirts to tracksuits I had it all. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily be seen in a velvet tracksuit today but I can certainly implement it stylishly into my outfits with the current trends. Therefore, as you can imagine, when I discovered Boohoo did a velvet bodysuit I was over the moon and had to get it!

(Throwback to velvet t-shirts and scrunchies!)

The bodysuit I purchased is available in a variety of colours and of course to be as playful as possible I chose the ‘Dusty Pink’, costing only £9.60 with my student discount which is an absolute bargain!! This is a perfect staple for any wardrobe as it can be worn with a mini skirt for nights out or during the day with some statement boyfriend jeans and jewellery. I chose to team this with a black ruched skirt and a black velvet choker which would bring the outfit together! I would then choose either comfy converse or my wedges dependent on the event. The entire outfit came to less than £20 with my student discount, offering me a cheap but trendy outfit which can be worn for nights out including Freshers Week! If you’re a fresher I advise you fully embrace first year, use it as a chance to make lifelong friends, do new things and truly embrace your fashion sense and personality.

Product Codes are below;

Choker – dzz85984

Bodysuit – dzz85984

Skirt – pzz95117

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– My day at Boohoo HQ!

A big hello to all my readers, hope you’re all doing very well! Anybody who has seen my recent social media posts or my current blog postings will know I recently became a student brand ambassador for Boohoo. Since then, I have had many people questioning what it is I’m going to be doing and the easiest way to detail this is to start from the very beginning. The start of this adventure involved visiting the Boohoo HQ in Manchester which is what this post is all about. Baring in mind last week I got on and off 9 trains in total (for work/boyfriend visiting purposes) its safe to say I was incredibly tired but also extremely excited/optimistic for the day!



My outfit for the day consisted of my favourite floral blazer, a pink bodysuit, my new ripped jeans and a silver bodychain and of course comfy converse for the travelling. All clothes available on the Boohoo website!


It started with a 9am train from Newcastle to York (funnily enough where I’d been just days before) followed by a train 14328924_10210086076766224_134389351_nfrom York to Manchester Piccadilly. I arrived at the headquarters at around 12 where I was met by the various leaders and other chosen ambassadors after clambering up the many stairs in the building, p.s the lad bible offices were in the same building! How cool! We watched a few videos and learned more about the history of the company and we also met sophiehannahrichardson – the well-known full-time fashion/beauty blogger who gave us some useful tips and tricks on growing your following and general advice!! We then proceeded with lunch which was a glorious buffet filled with everything you could want, noodles, katsu chicken curry, sushi, chocolate brownies, iced tea and homemade smoothies!! Safe to say it was a very ‘blogger’ orientated meal, almost too perfect for an instapost.


The afternoon was spent creating videos of ourselves for the online website which would introduce us to the readers and we also were given tips and advice on how to create the perfect flat-lay, something I have always wanted to master. My brilliant Iphone*sarcasm* as many people may know stopped functioning as a phone and as a result wiped the majority of my photos from the day so apologies for that, however here is one example of a flat lay I produced. (Btw do not fear as I went and got a new iPhone 6s yesterday so this will no longer be a problem for me! YAY)

14218116_10210086230010055_873198220_nMy favourite part of the day was the next part, we were given a full guided tour of the headquarters, and I mean we were shown literally every part of the team! My favourite part by far was the studio where we witnessed the models actually having their photos taken to be later posted on the website. It made me realise how difficult it must actually be to think up a million different poses in a matter of seconds. We ended the day how all good days end and that is with a nice cider and a chance to socialise more with each other. We also received the cutest boxes filled with gifts as a lovely welcome to the team. I then headed for the train home, trying not to fall asleep on the journey back and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my amazing day!! Overall, I had a fabulous time and met some lovely genuine people, I cannot wait for my Boohoo journey this year and to show everyone some of the amazing products on offer! Thanks for reading!!


Food blogger

– My favourite places to eat in York

  1. Brew & Brownie

pancakes     pancakes 2     lol

I don’t think this would be considered a student blog if I didn’t mention this wonderful place. Ask any York uni student where to go for breakfast/pancakes and this place will be screamed at you, if you haven’t seen it all over instagram you have certainly heard it be mentioned. At first, any student may think it rather expensive £6.50 for pancakes (with bacon & blueberries), however trust me it’s worth the money and you wont be going hungry or eating lunch that day! In fact these pancakes are so huge, I couldn’t even finish them the first time round. I would recommend not going really heavy with the hot drinks or you may be in the same predicament, although I would not blame you as their hot chocolate with Marshmallows are to die for. I also recently tried their bacon sandwich as I do kick myself for being boring and having the same food wherever I go. It was so good! Crispy bacon, Artisan bread & tomato chutney, certainly not your standard sarnie. I’m also determined to try their Eggs Benedict & go for lunch!

I recommend for: Catching up with friends & visiting family member

2. Lucia

luciaLucia is by far one of my favourite places I’ve found in York, both for food and drinks. This option is a little pricey but if the student loan is rearing its beautiful head then make sure to pop down and try the food and drinks on offer! The cocktails are delicious, if you’re visiting I would definitely recommend the frozen daiquiri’s especially the kiwi and strawberry ones! As for the food, I’ve had both steak and tapas here and thoroughly enjoyed my meals. For tapas I got calamari, mushrooms and meatballs. The calamari is great here as unlike some places at the minute it isn’t overdone or too crispy, they are soft and well seasoned. The mushrooms are also very filling and are served with bread and an amazing sauce. I’d definitely recommend getting a Lucia Card, you get 10% off food and drinks and they have a few offers on too!

I recommend for: Work nights out (drinks) & visiting friends

3. Ask Italian

ask italin

So, this one is a chain restaurant but hear me out! Firstly, the location is gorgeous, located in what I believe to be an old courtroom and the giant chandeliers really create a pleasant and ‘fine dining’ atmosphere. I love the food here and I’d certainly recommend it for date night or big families who are visiting. Myself and my boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed our night here on valentine’s day, where they had a set menu (three courses for £20 I think). The food can be pricey but a quick google and you’ll find they always have offers on. ALSO!!! for students with a NUS card they offer 40% food which is amazing! I’ve always had great service here and it’s all been from genuine italian people who really creates an atmosphere. As I frequent here quite often I have tried a selection from the menu. I would certainly recommend the king prawns to start, followed by a calzone or one of the massive pizzas and finally this is the first places I finally tried one of those amazing melty desserts. I originally saw these on viral videos on Facebook and when I found out Ask did them I had to try it, it totally lived up to expectations.

I recommend for: Date nights & large groups (we came for summer ball and it was fantastic!)

4. Turtle Bay

turtle bay

Again, a chain so shoot me! I love the food on offer here because it’s finally somewhere offering a different experience to your typical pizza/burger places. The chicken is well spiced and marinated and the restaurant offers a range of spice across their dishes (for those that can handle it). I typically get a chicken flatbread and sweet potato fries which I cannot fault. I also tried the small battered fish here for the first time and they were actually so good! I think for a new and emerging chain, these restaurants are also surprisingly cheap! Especially the lunch menu which is only £6. I also adore the cocktails here! They all taste very different and finally a place which can make absinthe actually taste good! Sign me up for that! Turtle bay also offers 2 for 1 on the cocktails most of the time, making them cheap & ideal for students.

I recommend for: Double dates, Students & catching up with friends

(All the published photos were taken by myself)

Brand Ambassador

AN UPDATE: What i’ve been doing & EXCITING NEWS!!

Well, where do I even begin?? It’s been rather long since my last post and I promise there are valid reasons for that, although I have really REALLY missed it. At the end of last year the focus was ensuring I didn’t fail my second year and spending literally weeks on my essays to ensure I got a 2:1 overall, which I did… so, YAY. Also receiving a 68 on one of my essays by some miracle so overall it was a very happy end to the year. This also means I have been writing my blog for over 2 years which is mental!


(literally me in J.B.Morrell)

Since then, like many people will probably know, I have just been working in an attempt to get out of my overdraft however this summer just at my one job which I’m still loving! I have also been avoiding my reading for third year because A) How am I third year?? How did this happen?? B) I’ve probably forgotten how to read by now and C) I have a dissertation to write which is scary as hell. I’ve also been gymming in my best attempt to not get fat over summer as being in York is rather lonely and therefore pizza and Ice-cream becomes more of a necessity whilst watching prison break. I have however been seeing my boyfriend virtually every week which I have loved and also catching up with friends who are staying partially over summer. This summer has also resulted in a lot of travelling, mainly by coach because it is so so cheap (thankyou national express) to places such as Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle. Finally, come september I will also be travelling via train to Manchester…

Here’s the EXCITING NEWS part!!! The reason I am travelling to Manchester is to visit Boohoo HQ! This is because not long ago I went out on a total whim and applied to be a student brand ambassador for the company. Much to my surprise, after they reviewed my application/blog  I received an email saying I had been shortlisted and therefore needed to produce a 1 minute video about myself to further attempt to get this opportunity. Now, anybody who knows me will know I found it difficult talking about myself in this way and it did make me cringe. BUT it did also give me the happy feeling of accomplishment when I realised I had achieved a lot at uni and I actually do love my blog!


So, I submitted my video and a week later received an email saying I was being offered the role as student ambassador and was invited to the introduction day in Manchester. Which I am so excited for as I love travelling to new places and meeting new people. I am excited to see what this role holds and discover more about the company which I am not already aware of. It also means way WAY more blog posting as that is partially the role of a student ambassador. Hope you enjoyed reading my update and I promise much more frequent Fashion/Uni orientated posts for the future! 🙂


– Why Freshers is the best year

Why am I writing this blog I hear you say. I promise it isn’t too depress you, make you feel old or make you run back to the aging building you once called home. This is a simple comparison and hopefully an urge to inform freshers everywhere to really appreciate the first (and best) year at university. I currently lie in bed surrounded by terry’s chocolate orange pieces, regret from going out last night due to severe tiredness and a whole list of things I have to read (aah second year). So I wont apologise to you for the poor structure of this blog but I will digress, welcome to york adventures the land of poor vocabulary and weak sentence structure. Here goes, a list of all things freshers – third years, you may want to look away now.

  1. You meet loads of people, they don’t judge you its university and they don’t know you yet so can’t question your actions.
  2. You can literally go out all the time if you want – lots of work isn’t really lots of work and for first year (40%) you probably don’t need a great deal of reading.
  3. Fast food – you can get this guilt free, it’s a new thing! You’re just enjoying life and living like a student – it isn’t yet classified as bad habits which haven’t yet left.
  4. Chances are you will never live with this many people again – unless you’re living in the swanky accommodation in that case you won’t enjoying the riveting 3am chats which always happen because somebody is ALWAYS awake (love you N Block).
  5. You don’t pay bills, you can have 7 showers a day, blast the radiator, leave doors open, sleep nude (if that’s what you’re into) and nobody will question you. It’s not effecting the cost for you or anybody else.
  6. You can see your family a lot more (if you want too) – no weekend job, no placements, and lots of free food courtesy of your family desperate to see you’re settling in okay and not being a little hobbit in your room.
  7. You can join all the sports and the societies to get the most out of uni – by second year people don’t know you in the already formed teams and you just look like someone who got bored.
  8. There is no bane (initially) of house hunting, finding people to live with / dealing with the arguments of who is with who.
  9. You can literally blast your terrible music as loud as you like and none of your flat mates can do anything about it (sort of) and they’ll probably only slightly hate you for it. Living in a residential area can be a total bane of your life when people have kids / are just old.
  10. Everywhere is close – you roll out of bed to your lectures, the shop is 5 minutes away and a binge food place probably pretty close by too.
  11. Catering – aaah mexican Wednesday I miss you, getting fed twice a day during the week was the absolute dream, no cooking, no buying and no washing up and free food Fridays melted my easily pleased heart.
  12. Doing your uni work on Sundays ready for that 9am – you talk to your flat mates all night long all week because you all became best friends a week ago – you’re unemployed and probably having the best time.
  13. FREE WiFi – everywhere on campus! Internet is so expensive and believe me when it’s down at home you’re going to move into the library / the 66 bus and never want to leave
  14. Certain things you will never need to buy for example toilet paper (ignore again if you’re a posho who lived in nice accommodation).
  15. Generally, you have less work/reading/exams and more time to bond with everyone in your flat before you break off and they may not talk to you again next year, yay!

Apologies if that saddened you or darkened the mood. Just remember freshers is the best and you should embrace every minute and every opportunity it provides. Don’t worry about drama or making a bad impression either, nobody judges you at university anyways! Thanks for reading!!


– University myths / realitys

Myth 1. Everybody has massive parties with 100’s of people all getting drunk and having a great time. This can occasionally be the case where many people (not 100’s) will show up to a party and for a matter of hours it will be the best time of your life. Because a) you’re drunk and b) you’re confident. The perfect combination for wandering around and talking to strangers. However your uni reality is that if the party is big enough the porters are gonna shut you down before 11 and claim you’re disrupting other students in the area (who are all at your party btw).


Myth 2. You are going to meet the boy you will marry at uni. FAR too many people have this idea in their head and base their actions around it instead of going with the flow. Trust me these statistics are much smaller in actual life and if you do meet a boy you can’t just presume he’s the one. Remember the pressure is already pretty huge, you’ll probably see them nearly every day of your life and you’re 18 so it’s an official adult relationship. Never ever rely on statistics, the average person apparently has 7 partners in their entire life whereas you can meet people who’ve done that before uni even began. Don’t sweat it.


Myth 3. Everybody cares how you look. So, before coming to uni I was mega worried that I wouldn’t dress cool enough or look the part but I couldn’t have missed the mark any further. At Uni, literally nobody cares how you dress, sure you wanna look on point for photos in revolution however during the day is an absolute choice. I’ve seen every form of style and at uni nobody judges you!! I’ve even seen one guy walk to lectures dressing gown, slippers and all. Just remember to be yourself and wear whatever the hell you want 🙂


Myth 4. You need to know how to cook. You can get by without being a pro cook, genuinely if you can work an oven or microwave you are set. ALSO on this point, getting food poisoning is much harder than you would expect, not saying this was my aim but living in my student accommodation I definitely expected it. The amount of times our fridge or freezer was turned off was stupid and somehow we are all still alive. Also when it came to cooking you tended to just guess if food was done and put the oven on the highest temperature. Again, trust me, nobody cares and if you can cook you are such a blessed rare breed of student and everyone is going to love you, shout out to my flat-mate who made the BEST pancakes.


& that’s all my pre-work brain can come up with today.

Thanks for reading. ~


– Types of men on a night out

So, you’ve arrived at the bar and its bouncing. Picture a busy weekend and you’re surrounded by rowdy men in large packs, some duo’s and some who frankly look lost. Here I compose a list for you, a list of all the men you’re bound to see on this night out and may even end up being forced to talk to.

1. The over-confident go-getter

This man is an ambitious 50 something year old who likely has white hair and missing teeth. In his head however he has already pulled the hot brunette with the tight red dress on twice and is subconsciously working on her best mate out of sheer confidence. He is on an 85% chance of flirting with one if not all of the bar staff working that night who obviously have no interest in the boozy man old enough to be a dad but know his type.

2. The shy one

Obviously you can’t have the confidence without stating the opposite. Regardless of what list you are looking at this type of person has to be on there somewhere, right? The shy lad wants to feel included and be one of ‘the boys’ however is secretly hating every minute and would rather be at home with a large Domino’s meatilious, copious amounts of sides and Netflix. This character is usually socially inept and so forces the Jager bombs on his mates who aptly respond “nah mate its 5pm”, so of course naturally he necks the lot and you can almost feel the acid bubbling in his stomach yourself. This lad ends up far too drunk and his mates decide to leave as a “joke” whilst he’s at the toilet. They head to another club and leave him feeling lost whilst trying to chat to women surrounding him, during of course he’s slathering everywhere and his eyes are half-open.


3. The cocky one

This lad is usually the extremely good-looking one out of his mates and if it’s been the races you can bet his quiff game is strong and his suit is overpriced and branded visibly. This lad knows with just a cheeky grin he can swoon the women, so regardless of age he looks every woman he see’s up and down and gives a cheeky wink out. He’s likely to befriend a large group of women (probably a hen do or something of that ilk – already boozy and giggly)  much to the joy of his more unattractive mates. They’ll bond for a bit over where they come from and where they’re heading but the attractive lad will decided to look for something new, probably a girl with a boyfriend who is a “challenge”.

4. The annoyance

This man is the guy stood at the bar being goofy and asking 50 questions to the lads working behind it. “Bruv can you make is a drink I had in turkey in 2012”, this same guy will get frustrated waiting for drinks and annoyed when the girl he is with gets flirty. This girl is likely to find the barman better looking and / or funnier with better banter and a less boozy appearance.


5. The fruity one

This guy acts hard as nails and upon first judgement you don’t know if he’s attractive, intimidating or just cocky (again, shock). You expect them to be knocking back the stone cold beers partially due to the level of boozy they seem to be. However, to everyone’s surprise they are only drinking cocktails aka sex on the beach, fruity ciders or a massive jug of pimm’s. Don’t act hard because your drink is oversized, especially if it consists of 50% strawberries and syrup. Look around boy, you are surrounded by women ferociously necking their red stripe pints, you my friend are weak.

So, there is my list of the worst types you will encounter on nights out.

Thanks for reading!


‘Monday Motivation’

First of all, can I start by saying monday is the worst day to try to motivate ourselves. Regardless to what the quotes may tell you, mondays are miserable. It may be new week, new beginning and all that but most of us are depressed that the weekend has finished. Or, on the other hand, we have been working all weekend and cannot wait for a day in bed. Therefore, it is with this blog that I am claiming enough with it all. There is only so many tumblr quotes a girl can read before she loses faith and it all become a bunch of words. Albeit, a very nice collection of words, but still nothing more. I write this blogpost, having received my first set of third year results. As you can probably predict it wasn’t a particularly jolly morning, in fact it was rather miserable. Do you ever lose motivation because no matter how hard you try you can’t get the results you really want? You just don’t feel naturally gifted? Or, people around you do significantly less and get significantly more? I feel that pretty much sums up my university experience in a heartbeat.

Now, i’m not underestimating anything. I know for a fact there must be a reason I didn’t do so well and perhaps I did not understand the content properly. Or, maybe I didn’t quite act on feedback as well as I should have? But I ask you, does this distract from the many hours in the library whilst everyone is home having fun? Or, does this distract from the fact I plan essays months in advance, do countless reading and visit writing centers? Personally, it all just feels abit unfair, and I think the hardest part is just accepting, that no matter how hard you try you will never be as smart as your peers. I did expect this from the start, and it soon became clear in conversations with close friends. I know I may not be as smart as everyone at university, my writing is not great and i’m not confident in lectures. It is probably partially my fault that I don’t gain as much as I could from the university experience. The worst part is trying to juggle having a social life, a part time job, maintaining friendships, getting a degree, visiting home, having me time, completing reading on time ETC. The list is never ending and i’m quite pained by my life becoming a big long list.

I know this is a really long rant and probably one most people won’t want to read but atleast it is relatable to my peers. I’m sick of trying so ridiculously hard and getting nothing from it. I’m sick of dreading lectures in fear of not understanding something. I’m bored of being in a conversation where I don’t understand the topic or even the words being used.  It was just luck that I got into university in the first place and whilst I love my friends i’ve made, third year is literally killing my passion and enjoyment. Purely because it all boils down to pointless numbers that can affect my emotions so much. Take an exam result of 57, you could look at that as not far from a 2:1. However, the numbers aren’t forgiving and after taking averages of all your grades it can work out you need to do significantly better in your other modules to scrape a 2:1. Also, if i’m getting a 57 the chances of me suddenly getting a 65 or above are, lets face it, very unlikely to be obtained.

Anyways, the facts are these. I have 19,000 words to somehow write and ensure they are great so I can infact get a 2:1 in my degree. I only need a 2:2 for next year, however to make me feel like all the upset and stress was worth it I want a 2:1. I also have two jobs I need to maintain in order to save plenty of money for university next year. Finally, I need to somehow motivate myself to start writing again and the only way to do this is to get all of my emotions out. I know it’s going to take a few days for it all to blow over and my confidence to come back, but for now i’ll just say I feel neutral. I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know whether a 2:1 is feasible and I don’t know what to make of my exam results. This blog post wasn’t wrote for any form of attention and certainly doesn’t go against my actual beliefs in terms of my ability at university. The sole purpose of this post was to help me understand my own thoughts and to acknowledge that as university students I feel alot of us are in the same boat with this one.

Have you received any results you weren’t pleased with recently?


Stephanie x


OOTD – Autumn

Autumn is officially here… kinda. York has recently shown some of the weirdest weather varying from storms to glorious sunshine so who really knows what to expect. I have however began to collate my autumnal wardrobe and I can’t wait to share with you my latest boohoo purchases! I love this time of year fashion-wise as I love warm jumpers, layering and boots, it also means I have the excuse to treating myself to a winter jacket! Autumn excites me because it means Halloween is round the corner and I’ve shamefully been looking at costumes already. I’m also super excited for Christmas and really hoping it snows this year…sorry I’m getting ahead. Anyways, here is my OOTD. Product codes are located below & all items can be found on boohoo.com, this outfit was only £24 in total including jewellery. Make sure you take full advantage of student discount, a whopping 20%!!

Product Codes;

Turtle Neck: dzz77482

Trousers: dzz90690

Hat (similar): azz36425